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Ed Arrow Using GIS to Develop Predictive Models Showing Areas of Black Bear (Ursus americanus) and Human Conflict in Garrett County, Maryland
Nathan Beane Cathedral State Park - Using GIS to evaluate a Site Suitability Model for Eastern Hemlock in Preston County
Autumn Bryson Soil Sensitivity to Acid Deposition in the Otter Creek Wilderness Area
Elizabeth Covelli Using GIS as a way to Determine ROS Recreation Settings and Areas of Potential User Conflict
Shawn Crimmins Using Home Range Polygons to Validate Habitat Suitability Models: A Case Study Using White-Tailed Deer
Lisa Freeman Predicting Oak Decline in the Arkansas Ozarks based on Landform
Jesse Gandee Site Suitability Analysis for a Proposed Coal Gasification Facility in the Southern Coalfields of West Virginia
Greg George Forest Management Plan for the Cerulean Warbler in Wyoming County, WV
Greg Hamons Erosion Risk Assessment for Forested Watersheds in West Virginia
Michael Harman Identifying Future Development and Habitat Conflicts in Hardy County
Ronald Ingram Possible Transfer Sites in Southern West Virginia
Brandon Keplinger Remote Sensing of Appropriate Habitat for the Candy Darter (Etheostoma osburni) through High Resolution SAMB Aerial Photography in the Upper Greenbrier River
Kelly Pack An In-depth Analysis of Coopers Rock State Forest, WV (South Side)
Adam Riley Site Suitability for Medicinal Plants
Jason Stolarski Growth of Age-0 Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in Relation to Habitat Characteristics in Several Appalachian Headwater Streams
Steve Storck GIS Analysis of Trail Impacts
Ahadu Tekle Multi-criteria Spatial Susceptibility Analysis of Food Stamp Participation in West Virginia
Walter Veselka Using Landscape Characteristics to Explain Bird and Anuran Species Composition in the Western Unglaciated Alleghany Plateau Ecoregion of West Virginia
Amanda White Beaver Populations in Greenbrier River Watershed: A Habitat Suitability Index Using GIS