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NRAC Faculty & Staff Contact Information:

People Emails Phone
Paul Kinder, Director & Research Assistant Professor Kinder's E-mail 304-612-0836
Michael Strager, Professor M. Strager's E-mail 304-293-6463
Charles Yuill, Associate Professor Yuill's E-mail 304-293-5674
Shawn Grushecky, Assistant Professor   Grushecky's E-mail  304-293-9417
Research Staff  
Jacquelyn Strager, Assistant Director for Technical Services J. Strager's E-mail 304-293-5410
Sam Bearinger, Project Manager
Bearinger's E-mail

Danielle Blosser, Program Specialist Blosser's E-mail 304-293-5379
Steve Brown, Wildlife Planner Brown's E-mail
Katrina High, Research Assistant High's E-mail
Faculty Associates  
Lauri Andress, PhD, JD, Assistant Professor WVU School of Public Health

Robert Eli, Adjunct Emeritus Professor Eli's E-mail  
Lowell Miller, Adjunct Professor   304-293-5499
Graduate Students  
Mohamed Shabani Kariburyo, PhD Student (Natural Resource Economics)
Kariburyo's E-mail

Ritika Khurana, PhD Student
(Natural Resource Economics)
Khurana's E-mail 

Shaylan Anderson, MS Student (Energy Environments) Anderson's E-mail
Legacy Barger, MS Student (Energy Environments) Barger's E-mail
Malori Bloss-Senft, MS Student (Energy Environments) Bloss-Senft's E-mail
Sarah Cayton, MS Student (Energy Environments), WRI Cayton's E-mail

Tony Mesa, MS Student (Energy Environments) Mesa's E-mail
Samuel Wickline, MS Student (Energy Environments)
Wickline's E-mail
Hayley Wilburn, MS Student (Energy Environments)   Wilburn's E-mail
Lucas Kinder, Undergraduate L. Kinder's E-mail