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Useful WV GIS Data Links:

WV GIS Technical Center
Browse and download variety of WV data layers by subject. See data catalog (Excel file) for details.

Aerial Photographs for West Virginia, 2003 SAMB (WVGISTC)
Aerial photographs acquired spring 2003.

Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (Entire Quads, WVDEP)
Aerial Photos, MrSID format, UTM Zone 17 NAD83

Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangles (Four images per Quad, WV GISTC)
Aerial Photos, MrSID format, UTM Zone 17 NAD83

Digital Raster Graphics (WV GISTC)
Scanned topo maps with collar information
TIF image format, UTM zone 17, NAD83

Digital Raster Graphics (Seamless, WVDEP)
Scanned topo maps with no collar information (seamless)
TIF image format, UTM, NAD83

WV GAP Land Cover
Land cover derived from WV Gap Analysis project, source data 1992-1994
WV View
WV satellite imagery

WV Statewide Addressing and Mapping Board

Current project to provide mapping and addressing in support of emergency response

Neighboring States:


Maryland DNR


University of Virginia – Links to state data


PA State Data Center
PA Spatial Data Access




Lists of Data by State

Alexandria Digital Library
Collins software lists of free GIS data by region
US Fish and Wildlife Service listing of data by state

Federal Agency GIS Sites:

Bureau of Transportation Statistics – download transportation atlas data
EPA Mid-Atlantic Landscape Atlas
NRCS Listing of National Geospatial Datasets
USGS National Atlas Downloads
USGS National Map Seamless Data Distribution System