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Current Projects

Current Research

No. Project Title Funding Source Investigators
332 Economic Benefit of the National Cooperative Soil Survey Program USDA/National Resources Conservation Service Cyril Logar
333 Development of a WCMS-HSPF Regional Groundwater Recharge Model for Underground Mine Hydrologic Assessment U.S. Department of the Interior Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Robert N. Eli, Charles Yuill
340 Long Term Environmental and Economic Impacts of Coal Liquefaction in China USDOE/NETL Richard Bajura
341 Decision Support System for Sage Grouse Management USDA/National Resource Conservation Service Michael Strager
351 Spray Advisor System Development USDA Forest Service Jacquelyn M.Strager, Charles B. Yuill
353 Using GIS technology to identify and rank the risk and suseptibiltiy of sites in the Mid-Atlantic area to the Emerald Ash Borer USDA Forest Service Michael Strager, Jacquelyn M.Strager, Joseph F. McNeel
355 Diamond Darter Status Review & Recovery Effort Assistance U.S. Geological Survey Jacquelyn M.Strager, Stuart A. Welsh
359 2007-08 Development of a Local Resolution National Hydrography U.S. Geological Survey/CESU Kurt Donaldson, Jacquelyn M.Strager
395 Central WV Geologic Study Energy Corporation America Paul Kinder
402 Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve Canaan Valley Institute Paul Kinder